Tundra - we remove the crowns of trees, remove the foliage for World Of Tanks []


This is a Mod pack from Tundra to the latest WOT patch.

Tundra removes all trees, bushes and foliage from the map, which will help improve computer performance, and also allow you to see all enemy tanks that are behind the plants. Due to the fact that the enemy tank is visible, it becomes possible for the player to aim at the weakest point and strike, which will give an incredible advantage in battle and increase the chances of defeating another tank in a one-on-one skirmish.

This mod may belong to the ones banned in the WOT game.

  • Version last021222

    * Updated to latest version.


1. Run the installer.

2. Select the desired mods with checkmarks.

3. Install mods.


Opening it this link, we read it, if necessary - write the name of the mod.

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