Painball Damage for World Of Tanks [Lesta / EU]


This is a modpack from Paintball to the latest WOT patch.

This mod will improve your gameplay by marking shots with a green "splash" of paintball paint or red, if not punched. Now you will know where to aim, so as not to waste the next projectile.

  • Version 24.0.1

    * Updated to latest version.


1. Unpack the archive.

2. Copy the “.wotmod" file.

3. Open the folder with the game where you have it installed, for example C:\Games\Worldoftanks

4. Open the “mods" folder.

5. Open the folder of the current patch version, for example 1.X.X

6. Paste the previously copied “.wotmod" file into this folder. If you have a question about replacing an existing file, click "yes".

7. Restart the game.


Opening it this link, we read it, if necessary - write the name of the mod.

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