ModPack KorbenTeam for World Of Tanks [Lesta / EU]


This is a modpack from KorbenTeam to the latest WOT patch.

This modpack includes the following modifications:
  • Date, time and day of the week in the hangar (the mod is not part of XVM and was created from scratch).
  • Disabling the base capture siren.
  • Tags of the Battle of Bloggers 2020 and 2021 -shows in battle for which team a particular player played.
  • A minimalistic hangar that unites your hearts.
  • A mod that will automatically set the settings of the game client (sight, graphics, markers, etc.) like KorbenDallas.
  • Commander's camera (distance).
  • Displaying the HP of opponents and allies by pressing the Alt button or on a permanent basis (minimalistic, beautiful, convenient, detailed, taking into account the hardening of the enemy).
  • Disabling the sound effect of stunning the "barrel" after hitting the art.
  • Reduce the volume of the sound of a high-explosive hit on your tank by 50%, 70% or 100% (the annoying loud explosion sound is removed, third-party sounds are on the spot, I recommend).
  • Limit FPS to 60, 75, 90, 120, 144, 165, 240 frames.
  • Notification of a new version of the modpack in the hangar.

During installation, you can leave the selected mods by default, or select only the necessary ones and disable the unnecessary ones.

The founder of this modpack is the popular YouTube channel KorbenDallas.

  • Version 2-1

    * Updated to latest version.


1. Run the installer.

2. Select the desired mods with checkmarks.

3. Install mods.


Opening it this link, we read it, if necessary - write the name of the mod.

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