ModPack ProTanki - Optimal version pro.pack Extend for World Of Tanks [Lesta / EU]


This Modpack from ProTanki is an extended version of pro.pack Extend, which contains the maximum number of the most popular mods for the latest WOT patch. It includes the best mods for the game World Of Tanks. A large number of sights, sonars, damag panels, hangars and unique mods are included, they are available in this expanded version of the ProTanki modpack. This build is recommended only for experienced players because of the large number of mods, if you can configure everything yourself, then it's time to try.

This modpack includes the following modifications:
  • Sights. Various sniper and artillery sights are available to choose from. Armor penetration calculator. Timer for complete information.
  • PMOD - a package with gingerbread.
  • XVM - eXtended Visualization Mod.
  • Mods from the ProTanka team. Quick repair and treatment.
  • Combat interface. Damage panel.
  • Convenience of perception. Colored marks of hits. Advanced statistics.
  • Mods for the hangar. Manager of replays. FPS limiter.
  • Voiceover. Various voice-overs are available to choose from.
  • Sound. Notification of the enemy's art shot.
  • Hangars. A minimalistic and standard hangar is available.

During installation, you can choose one of the ready-made configurations. You can leave the selected mods by default, or select only the necessary ones and disable the ones you don't need.

Ready-made configurations:
  • Without mods.
  • Recommended by Yusha Protanki.
  • Without reducing FPS.
  • Custom selection of mods.
  • Recommended by MeanMachins.

The founder of this modpack is the popular YouTube channel Yusha Protanki. 3 different modpack modifications were created for different players. Have you tried this modpack yet ?

Look at the topics:
ProTanki Modpack - Stable version of pro.pack Lite
ProTanki modpack is the optimal version of pro.pack Base

  • Version 31

    * Updated to latest version.


1. Run the installer.

2. Select the desired mods with checkmarks.

3. Install mods.


Opening it this link, we read it, if necessary - write the name of the mod.

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