ModPack Solo's Easy for World Of Tanks []


This is a modpack from Solo's Easy to the latest WOT patch.

This modpack includes the following modifications:
  • XVM - eXtended Visualization Mod.
  • Various sights.
  • Damage panels.
  • Tank icons.
  • P MOD - a package with gingerbread.
  • Statistics of the game session.
  • Improvements in the hangar.
  • Different voice acting.
  • Visual.

During installation, you can choose one of the ready-made configurations. You can leave the selected mods by default, or select only the necessary ones and disable unnecessary ones. A screenshot related to each mod is shown next to it.

Ready-made configurations: <
  • A choice from Solo.
  • A choice from QuickyBaby.
  • Personal.
  • None.

  • Version 1.16.1

    * Updated to latest version.


1. Run the installer.

2. Select the desired mods with checkmarks.

3. Install mods.


Opening it this link, we read it, if necessary - write the name of the mod.

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